Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Year's Newsletter

We saw that not everyone was able to receive our latest email newsletter so here it is:

Happy New Year!

We hope this email finds you all well rested from time off and filled with love from time with friends and family over this past holiday season. For After the Chase, 2008 was our busiest year ever. We played all over the country this year - Washington, Oregon, California, Louisiana, Texas, and Florida - and got to meet and connect with many wonderful new people and church families. We saw more fruit in our ministry in 2008 than ever before - God gave us opportunities to share our faith in Jesus and we saw people come to Christ at our concerts. We had such a great time and are excited about what this coming year may hold for us.

In early December, Nathan and I found out that we are going to have a new addition to the band. Unfortunately we won't know what instrument he or she will play for about 9 months...that's right...we're having a baby! We haven't been to the doctor yet (still very early) but we think the due date is Aug. 30th. We would appreciate your prayers for the baby this year.

About 4 days after we found out that we were pregnant, we also found out that Nathan's last day of work was Dec. 31st. He was laid off from his full time job this year. As many of you know, Nathan's job has been supporting the majority of our music ministry. It enabled After the Chase to grow, travel, and record new music as well as let me (Jenna) work full time from home on bookings and various ministry details. We are a little concerned about the financial future but also know and trust that God will provide all of our needs.

We are exploring what God has in store for us this coming year. Please pray for us! Pray for a healthy baby, for guidance in the next steps of our ministry, and for God to open new doors for us. We've had people ask us in the past if they could donate towards our ministry to help us. We have mainly declined given that Nathan had a full time job that was supporting us. But now, given the dramatic changes in our life, we're freely accepting any help you want to provide!:)

So if you would like to make a tax deductable donation to After the Chase's music ministry, you can send us a check made out to "Redwood Covenant Church" (our home church). Just make sure to write "After the Chase" in the notes section on the check. If you don't care about tax deductable donations you can always send us a check made out to "After the Chase" or buy lots of CDs and give them away to your friends. The address to send your checks to is:

After the Chase
779 Riesling Road
Petaluma, CA 94954

If you'd like to see us live this year, just email us to book ATC for 2009 now as our weekends are filling up. We will continue to tour through July and stop in August for the birth.

Thank you for all your prayers and support,

Jenna (and Nathan!)
After the Chase
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